RPL Assist can provide the following services:

Electronic RPL Tool Kits, designed to your requirements

Do you need RPL Tool Kits?
Don’t have the time to develop what you need?
Want something that you can customise to your needs and formats?

CATO HR can help you. We design electronic RPL Tool Kits to the units you require. You can also put your logo on them and customise the formatting to what you need.

All the RPL Tool Kits contain the following 

Assessor’s File containing:

  • Assessors Guide,
  • Comprehensive mapping documents,
  • Specific Evidence Guides (not generic ones),
  • Templates for use in the collection of evidence.

Learner’s File containing :

  • Personal Profile Questions (underpinning knowledge related to their actual workplace / experiences),
  • Third Party Report Documents,
  • Specific Evidence Guides (not generic ones).
  • Student RPL Guide

Our services:

  • Assistance to HR Managers / Staff in industries and businesses,
  • Assistance to RTO’s to provide currency evidence mapping for staff,
  • Advice for RTO’s on their RPL policy and practices,
  • Assistance for Individuals to compile their RPL evidence for presentation to a RTO for RPL.

If you have staff that need to upgrade why waste time and money to send them to training when they can be recognised for the skills and knowledge they already have?

Have you been working in an occupation for years and now find you need a qualification – RPL Assist can make it easy and take you through the process without stress or pain.

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