Save Time, Save Money, by using Clustered TAE materials

Are your students bored with all the repetition doing TAE unit by unit?
CATO HR TAE learning materials and assessments fixes that!

Our learning materials are written in a holistic fashion (not by performance criteria) thereby making them readable and interesting, rather than repetitive and disjointed. By clustering the materials into three sections, Design, delivery (which includes TAELLN411) and Assessment, learners gain knowledge and skills of the “total” requirements and how they blend together in the “practical” world of training and assessment.

Plus there are only three (3) assessments for the whole TAE! Assessors love it because they have less marking time. Learners love it because they save time. RTO’s love it because they save money. Trainers and assessors love it as it saves them time. Learners love it as they are not hearing or being assessed on the same thing over and over again (which happens in unit by unit delivery).

Do you have your own materials and assessments and would like to cluster them?
Cato HR can assist you make your learning materials more holistic and enjoyable for your students and lessen the assessment load by not repeating the same requirements over and over again. Your students will love you!

Email us for more details.