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RPL Assist

RPL Assist is a division of Cato HR and has been assisting Registered Training Organisations, Assessors , Individuals and Enterprises / Businesses with RPL support services since 2008. RPL Assist is recognised both in Australia and Internationally as one of the leading providers of RPL information and materials. RPL Assist was awarded Second Place Winner at the 3rd VPL (Validation of Prior Learning) Biennale held in Germany in 2019 for its RPL Products .

RPL Assist products have successfully been audited by various Australian Regulatory Authorities including ASQA, TAC and VRQA since 2008.

RPL Assist provides the following services:

Electronic RPL Tool Kits:

RPL Assist can design electronic RPL Kits to your needs across a large range of training packages which over the years has included (but not limited to) building and construction,  retail, hospitality, community services, leadership and management, data cabling, resources, civil, TAE, cookery, WHS, government, transport and distribution, rail, photography and pathology.

Workshops: Designing RPL Instruments and Processes:

RPL one day workshops are hands on and conducted in – house.  We can train your staff to be RPL savvy and compliant. This practical workshop will assist you with the following:

  •   Develop a RPL framework that is client focused
  •    Use RPL as a marketing tool and to increase service delivery
  •    Create compliant RPL tools for two units of competency of your choosing

Validation of RPL Assessment Tools/  Instruments 

RPL Assist can validate your current tools and RPL processes and practices to ensure they are complaint – all ready for your next audit!

Mapping of Work Place Practices to Units of Competency

Do your workers /employees undertake workplace training both through internal training processes and on the job. Do you want to have your employees recognised for the training your provide them? RPL Assist can assist Enterprises and RTOs who work with enterprises map and track training to enable it to be counted towards formal education.

Portfolio Compilation:

Are you an individual wishing to seek RPL for a qualification and need assistance putting your portfolio together for a Registered Training Organisation. RPL Assist can provide support on how to ensure the evidence you collect will meet the requirements.

RPL Assist can provide portfolio collation services to RTOs who want this support for their RPL Applicants. This ensures your assessors receive good quality evidence (which is mapped) and saves your organisation time and money.

Email: wendy@rplassist.com.au for details on how we can help you with your RPL processes and practices